Celebrate National Cookie Month: October!


Ah, the aroma of fresh baked cookies are a symbol of good times. October is set aside to recognize many causes and activities – for instance, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, National Roller Skating Month and Spinach Lovers Month. But there’s one celebration that pretty well touches everyone, regardless of age, background or interests – it’s National Cookie Month!

Fun & Interesting Cookie Facts:

Cookies have been around before the Roman Empire! Cookies were first created by ancient bakers who wanted to test their cake batter and oven temperature. They would place a small amount of batter on a sheet and bake that first. The Animal Cracker (a loved weekly snack at SRCC) became the first commercially-produced cookie in the US in 1902.

Here are a couple of interesting cooking recipes for you to try out courtesy of Summer 365. http://www.summer365.com/back-school-cookies-bubbys-best-summer365-canteen-recipes/

“A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.” ~ Cookie lovers everywhere!