Main Camp (Ages 5-11)

The Value of the Southampton Experience “The Southampton Edge”

boys-towelsHere at Southampton, our entire program is designed to give campers the edge they need to succeed in every aspect of their development into young adults and beyond. We have built a program on a foundation of safe and fun play created to promote the kind of growth that gives every child “the edge” they need to reach their highest potential. What we start at Southampton they carry with them for the rest of their journey to adulthood. And it makes a difference.


Our unique STARFISH VALUES PROGRAM® teaches campers the importance of strong character, good values and understanding each individual’s important part in the well-being of everyone around them. STARFISH is a part of every aspect of camp.

Play Skills

Our campers get “the edge” in developing motor skills while perfecting skills in key sports and other activities all designed to ensure that they fully enjoy the experience of playing sports. No matter what the level – everyone improves. And we know: the better you are at doing something the more confident you become and the more you like doing it.

Social Skills

The true key to success in life is happiness. And the basis of happiness is in knowing how to build and keep relationships. At Southampton, the core of what we do is teaching, practicing and perfecting the two essential skills of relationships: making and keeping friends.

Self-esteem & Confidence

We create an emotionally safe, nurturing environment at every level of play and we train our staff and team of coaches on the importance of ensuring that campers go home – each day and at the end of every summer – feeling better about themselves and more self-confident. Self-esteem and confidence is an essential part of navigating the world around us and building strong, emotionally healthy adults.


In life you don’t always win, make the critical shot or accomplish what you set out to achieve. We teach campers to win with class, and if they must, lose with grace. We instill in campers the competence of grit, teaching them to learn from their experiences and the importance of getting up and bouncing back from disappointments.



5 Year Olds

As our 5 year old campers transition from Stepping Stones to Main Camp, they will begin to utilize our traditional-sized facilities while participating in enhanced tennis instruction and other athletic activities, American Red Cross swim instruction/recreational swim, nature, music, creative & performing arts and many other exciting activities! Our 5 year old program also features a ‘Mini Club’ period which allows each group to select from a list of their favorite activities to participate in each day.

6 & 7 Year Olds

Our 6 & 7 year olds take full advantage of our famous ‘Club Elective’ program on a daily basis, allowing our campers to customize their schedules with their favorite activities! Club options include enhanced tennis semi-private instruction and competitive play, musical theatre production, other athletic clinics, innovative studio art projects, and many more! Campers utilize our full-sized facilities geared at really improving their abilities in their chosen activities.

8 – 11 Year Olds

At Southampton Camp & Club, we recognize that our older campers are looking for a more innovative and customizable summer experience so we give it to them! In addition to participating in our great range of traditional activities, including tennis instruction & swim, our 8-11 year old campers get the chance to experience the excitement and spirit of teamwork associated with our ‘Sports Leagues’. Our ‘Club + Sports Leagues’ program allows these senior groups to tailor their summer experience for up to two hours each day. Our older groups enjoy the privilege of extending their fun on campus with after camp activities.