What Staff Say

“I was at SCC for 4 years and throughout my summers there I have grown, made friendships, learned skills that help me in my current career, and made memories that will last a lifetime. Working at SCC never felt like work. Getting to see the kids in your group grow through the summer and try new things and learn new things is so special. I still visit SCC and see people that I made relationships with along the way. Being a counselor at SCC felt like family and I’m so grateful I got be a part of this camp for a few summers.”

– Sophia M, Long Island, NY

“Working at Southhampton Camp and Club was the best summer of my life! I got to create amazing friendships and work with the most amazing kids. Camp has impacted my life in so many positive ways and has helped me to learn and grow as a person. I can’t imagine my summers before working at SCC and I can’t wait to be back at camp soon!

– Mallory K, Long Island, NY

“I started working at Southampton Camp and Club when I was 19 years old and it was the best 5 summers of my life. People say when working in the summer doing long shifts it could be tiring and boring but it was the exact opposite. The people at Southampton Camp and Club were so welcoming and outgoing that being there everything did not feel like you were at your job. When the summers ended I had lifelong friendships. Seeing the happiness on the campers faces on a daily basis was so rewarding and warmed my heart. Thank you Southampton Camp and Club for an incredibly opportunity and experience.”

– Lindsay W, Long Island, NY

There’s no place like Camp, and SCC in particular! I spent 5 summers at my second home where I met some of my best friends. The countdown through the college/work year to get to camp is like no other! I have been able to see so many places, meet so many people, and learn so many life lessons & skills because of the opportunity SCC provided me. The best summer job ever. What I would do for just one more summer at camp!” 

– TJ, Newbridge, Ireland

“Working at Southampton Camp and Club the past two summers has been life changing for me. I’ve met incredible people and made friendships that will last a lifetime. It’s such a rewarding job getting to work with children and help them grow; but they’ll also help you and I’ve learnt invaluable life lessons as SCC. I’ll always be grateful for the opportunity to work at such an amazing place. There’s nowhere else I’d want to spend my summer than at camp.

– Montana C, Birmingham, England

“The two summers I have spent as a senior counselor at Southampton Camp and Club have been unforgettable. I have met some of my closest friends at camp and made memories to last a life time! The experience was completely life changing and open my eyes to so many new and exciting things. I met the most amazing campers and families. To anyone who is contemplating going to SCC, you won’t be disappointed. The people I have met are like a family to me and I will be forever grateful to Tom, Danielle, Jackie and the rest of the staff for this experience.”

– Leah F, Leitrim, Ireland

“Working at Southampton Camp and Club was one of the best decisions I made for myself. Throughout the five summers I’ve worked there, I’ve made new friends, worked with awesome kids, learned new things, and made so many memories that will last a lifetime! I will always remember the camp memories I shared with my groups and with my fellow counselors. I thank camp & directors for giving me the opportunity to have five fantastic summers at an amazing place.”

– Tyler F, Long Island, NY

My time at SCC was an invaluable life experience in many ways. As the years go on I still find myself talking about the summers I spent at SCC. The friendships you make are for life and the bond you create with the campers are so impactful. You begin the summer hoping to create core memories for the campers, and by the end of the summer the campers have done just that for you, without even realising it. A workplace filled with laughter and excitement every day is a rare find, It is an experience of a lifetime. Working at SCC was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I’m beyond grateful to have had the opportunity.

– Claireanne O, Roscommon, Ireland