Farewell Summer 2013!

Last Day

The weather has begun to cool and the days are getting shorter – the end of summer is, sadly, upon us.  It is hard to believe that the 2013 camp season at Southampton Racquet Club & Camp is over – what an incredible summer it’s been!

It all started just ten weeks ago, as we kicked off the season with lots of smiles, laughter and great weather!  As expected, there were some first-time jitters and nervous excitement for some of the children, but after a few days everyone settled in and the summer kicked in to high-gear!  Our robust and varied program of athletics, activities and special events made each and every day special for our campers, and they quickly learned how much fun camp SHOULD be!

Our regular daily activities ran smoothly and campers showed remarkable progress in their swim lessons, tennis games, soccer skills, basketball drills, arts & crafts projects – the list could go on and on.  It’s amazing to see how their progress in one sport transfers over to a more refined skill in another, and vice versa.  There’s no better children’s tennis day camp program around!

Our SRCC Theme Days were a great success – all of our campers and counselors got into the spirit of things and participated – whether sporting their favorite pajamas, wearing a silly hat, dressing like a pirate or bringing their favorite stuffed animal to camp with them!

Our Special Events gave all of our campers something to look forward to, a special “WOW!” that punctuated each week!  They enjoyed Wacky Water Day, the B’Loonz Show, Pony Rides and our Magic Show, just to name a few!  And our 1st annual SRCC “Showtime!” presentation was a huge success, with all of our little performers showing their parents how well they sing and dance!

Everyone, campers and counselors alike, looked forward to our weekly STARFISH assemblies, where we impressed upon the children the important ideals that make up our values-based program.  The children loved adding new pendants onto their STARFISH clip holders, and showing them off on their SRCC backpacks!

It was extremely satisfying to see the children grow, each in their own way, throughout their time here at camp.  They gained self-confidence in who they are, learned how to get along with others and made new friends – this is everything we, as camp directors, could ever hope for!

The wonderful summer enjoyed by our campers would not have been possible without the effort, talent and heart displayed by our entire SRCC 2013 Staff.  The care and attention they gave to every camper created a safe and comforting environment that allowed the children to have fun, uninhibited by any worries or distractions.  It was amazing to see this group of young men and women, from all parts of the world, come together as a true staff family and do the job as well as they did.  We are truly indebted to all of them – great job, guys!

As we close out the 2013 summer, we reflect on the special time we have spent together here at camp, and we hope we’ve provided some great memories for all of our campers.  We also look ahead to the 2014 season, and plans have already been made to enhance our facilities and programming during the off-season, so that we can provide another fun and exciting experience for all of our campers next summer.

Until then, we hope that all of our SRCC camp families and staff have a wonderful, safe and prosperous winter season.  We’ll be sure to stay in touch, and remember – let’s all be as STARFISH-y as we can be!

David, Dana & Tom