How To Be A Great Camp Counselor!

JaredYou can have the best pool slide, the tallest climbing wall, or even the biggest lake in camping, but there is one thing that will set you apart from every other camp that will give the campers a summer of a lifetime as well as keeping them coming back….. Great Counselors.

At Southampton Racquet Club & Camp (and the rest of the TLC Family Of Camps), we put applicants through a rigorous application process and pride ourselves on hiring only the very best available! With the ability to house international & out of town staff as well as staff local to camp, we can ensure this.  SRCC wouldn’t be SRCC without our wonderful staff!

With counselor hiring season in full swing – click here for more information on positions available with us, it is important that those staff members who are hired are keen to learn and improve further.

With these tips and a genuine love of what you do, you’ll be everyone’s favorite counselor in no time! Read On..