Importance Of Swimming Lessons At An Early Age

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Southampton Racquet Club & Camp has the most innovative and best learn-to-swim program on the East End!

At SRCC, we do not underestimate the ability to swim and the many skills that it helps to develop at an early age.  From building self-confidence, the health benefits (psychological and physical) that come from exercising, social skill development from interactions in OurStaff1the water, and of course the skills that reduce the risk of children drowning, swimming at a young age is vital.  Add this to the fact that learning and mastering the skills, co-ordination and ability to swim at an early age is much easier than later in life, this is why our innovative swim program is a staple in every group’s schedule during the week, even our 2 year olds!

Not only do our youngest campers receive swim lessons, but campers 9:4:15 - Post-Camp Goodbyesof all ages receive the very best swim instruction every morning.  Campers who are then with us for the full day get another chance to enjoy our full sized, heated pool by enjoying a recreational swim period with friends, games, music and more.

SRCC is proud to have a number of qualified and experienced American Red Cross Lifeguards and Water Safety Instructors on staff that are easily able to tailor swim lessons to each individual camper’s need, based 0n age and swimming ability, whether this be perfecting the Southampton Day Camp_2447back stroke for an older  or more proficient swimmer, to water exploration and confidence for a first timer.  We have it all. There is even the opportunity to hire our staff for out-of-camp private swim lessons!

Head over to our website to check out more information on our SRCC Instructional Swim Program, and enjoy the below articles highlighting the benefits of swimming lessons at an early age.

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