Last Minute Costume Ideas!


At camp, we have so many special event days where we get to dress-up in the craziest of costumes. Sometimes, there’s no time to prepare and you find yourself going through someone else’s belongings looking for just the right thing.  But believe it or not, it may just take that 1 special standout item to inspire the rest of your costume – a silly pair of glasses, a ridiculous hat, a sports jersey or even just some face paint!

With Halloween in just 2 days, you may find yourself back in that position of “What can I wear?”  Well, we have some last-minutes costume suggestions taken directly from our very own campers from this past summer!

The Hippie Costume: The hippie costume is one of the easiest, and if you’re lucky, your parents might still have some of their own “back-in-the-day” clothing ready for you to wear. If not, just find some jeans, a headband, and pretty much anything else you can find laying around. Make sure to wear a brightly colored and patterned shirt as well, and make a peace sign patch for your outfit.

An Athlete: Whether you love basketball, football, cheerleading, or gymnastics, simply putting on a team uniform, or your favorite player’s jersey, makes an instant costume!

Thing 1 and Thing 2: This costume’s great for you and a friend. Pick out all-red outfits, and paint a big white circle on the front of each shirt. Use a black Sharpie to trace the outline of the white circles and then write Thing 1 or Thing 2 in the middle. Then, tease hair with a comb and hairspray, and wa-la!

Cereal-killer: A clever costume only requires three props; fake blood, a cereal box, and a bloody cardboard knife. You can wear any clothes you don’t mind getting blood all over. Cover your clothes, knife, and cereal box with blood, and you are a cereal killer.

Mummy: Choose an all-white outfit. Then, wrap your entire body in toilet paper, using masking tape to secure loose ends. If you want to get extra spooky, add some red food coloring here and there to look like blood. (Just make sure you don’t care too much about the clothes—food coloring stains.)

Domino: Pick out an all-black outfit, with a shirt you don’t care too much about. Lay it down flat on the ground and use a soup can and chalk to stencil on perfect domino circles. Fill it in using white paint, and, when it dries, flip over the shirt to repeat the pattern on the back.

Themed Pajamas: Have a pair of themed pajamas like Superman? Batman? Cinderella?  Instant costume!


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