Make A Difference Day – October 25th

starfishFor those of you that know Southampton Racquet Club & Camp (or any of the other TLC Family of Camps), you will know that we are committed to promoting the values of our STARFISH (Sportsmanship, Tolerance, Appreciation, Respect, Friendship, Integrity, Sensitivity, and Helpfulness) program with the aim of ‘Making A Difference’.

October 25th is officially ‘Make A Difference Day’ and in preparation for this day, we are urging all of our campers, staff members, and alumni, to remember the values we have taught at camp, and to use them on the 25th of October especially.  Whether you gather up old toys and clothes to donate to charitable organizations like Goodwill, Salvation Army, & Toys For Tots, help a younger sibling/child how to throw a football or kick a soccer ball, or choose to donate to help Project Morry, a charity that all the TLC Camps are heavily involved in, which sends underprivileged children to camp each year, we know that anyone on the receiving end of your kindness will be forever grateful.

Remember the STARFISH story, and Happy Make A Difference Day.