Meet The Team: Transportation!

Transportation2After meeting the Maintenance, Food Services, and Medical team, next up in our Meet The Team blogs is one of the most important aspects of the camp operation; Transportation!

Ever wondered how much work goes into making sure that our campers get to and from camp quickly and safely? Well, it’s a lot! From finding a great bus company to work with year after year, to planning and plotting the routes, to hiring and training bus counselors, and to coming up with the bus calendar, we have our hands full… And we love doing it! Transportation is more than just a summer role, and both Director, Thomas Coffey, and our Transportation Director, Cheryl, are hard at work perfecting 2015.. So lets meet the team!

Cheryl Rau (Transportation Director) – Cheryl joins us for her second year at camp and moves into a new role as Transportation Director after being the Assistant Transportation Director and Office Manager last summer.  Cheryl has over 15 years experience in Camping, holding positions such as Administrative Director, and Associate Executive Director of Operations for the YMCA of Greater Seattle, helping to run two(2) large sleep-away camps.  Originally hailing from the West Coast, Cheryl has spent the last year living in the Hamptons where she can be closer to her Daughter and Son-in-Law, and her three young grandchildren. Cheryl will be responsible for making sure all campers get to and from camp safely, and will be making sure that camp really does start on the bus with our 2015 Bus Calendar!

BusBus Counselors – Each of our bus routes comes fully equipped with a professional bus driver (CDL licensed), cell phone, air conditioning, car/booster seats for campers aged 4 and under, and of course, our famous SRCC Bus Counselors! Each counselor is chosen based on their enthusiasm, camp spirit, attention to detail, ability to deal with campers on a moving vehicle, and well, because they are the best counselors we’ve got! They are responsible for making sure that camp really does start on the bus! They will even walk your camper to and and from your house. It really is door-to-door service!  With our Bus Activity Calendar (Bus Calendar 2015), campers will never want to get off the bus! We have an exciting line-up of bus activities this year, from decorating the bus, to miming, to sing-a-longs, and cannot wait for you to meet them on our Dry Bus Run on Saturday, June 20th, or the first day of your camp session. It promises to be a great ride to and from camp this summer!

Southampton offers round trip busing included in tuition from Westhampton in the West, and Bridgehampton in the East, including Sag Harbor.  For more information, please check out our Transportation page on our site!

See you in 70 days!