Pajama Day!

Pajama Day

Have you ever dreamed of waking up and just rolling out of bed and going straight to camp?  If so, then you must be a camper at Southampton Racquet Club & Camp!  This past week we enjoyed one of our many themed camp days called “Pajama Day” where getting ready for camp was a matter of just waking up!

What do you think of when you hear the word pajamas? Most likely you think of bedtime, not camp. Pajamas (also called pj’s or jammies) are for sleeping, right? They are so comfortable that some people laze around the house in them all day long. But not us! Counselors and campers arrived at camp dressed in their comfortable pajamas and enjoyed a spectacular day at camp dressed in their most comfiest of wardrobe and enjoyed an amazing breakfast too that everyone devoured!

Check out just a few of our pictures below!

Pajama Day Pajama Day  Pajama Day  Pajama Day  Pajama Day  Pajama Day  Pajama Day  Pajama Day