Special Event Sneak-Peak! Are You Ready For Some Magic? Some John Reid Magic!


One of the more unique things about Southampton Racquet Club & Camp is our weekly Special Events. From Thank Goodness It’s Money (TGIM) for our Stepping Stones campers every Monday, to our Special Event Fridays for our Main Camp campers.  Leading up to the summer we will feature some of the groups that will be leading our Special Events in a new blog series, giving you a chance to learn more about these fantastic programs!

We are excited to introduce John Reid of Tricky Business, who will perform a magic show for campers aged 5+, and who will will then run daylong magic & balloon twisting workshops at SRCC on Friday, July 10th. Tricky Business is a premier magic shop & performing special event organization based on the South Shore of Long Island. They have been around for over 30 years teaching, performing, and amazing children of all ages..

We sat down with John Reid, one of the stand-out Magicians & Balloon Twisters at Tricky Business, to learn more about how he became involved with Magic, Tricky Business’s philosophy on performing & teaching kids and what we have to look forward to this summer!

What is your background? When did you become involved with Magic and what inspired you to do so?

I became involved in magic at 6 years old when my Grandma gave me my first magic set. However, it wasn’t until college that I started performing magic publically. I’ve been a professional magician for almost 20 years and I’ve owned my own magic shop for the past 10. I’ve been an instructor at Tannen’s Magic camp for 19 years (the longest running Magic camp in the US!), and perform & teach at many camps each summer. I can’t say specifically what inspired me to do magic, but I love making people smile and magic allowed me to spread smiles. I also love that the 13860686514magic lives on after the trick is done, it is a magical moment that people can remember for the rest of their life. I am also an internationally recognized, award-winning balloon twister!

What are a few different types of programs you offer during the year, and where do you offer them? 

We offer several different programs throughout the year. I travel to libraries and schools throughout New York putting on magic shows as well as teaching his magic and balloon workshops. We also offer services at our shop from balloon, magic and face painting workshops, to jams and Magic Carpet Shows. You can even higher us for your own event to perform magic, twist balloons, and paint faces!

What is your philosophy on how to teach children the skills/tricks of magic/balloon twisting during a workshop? 

I feel it’s very important to have a hands on atmosphere where the children can learn one on one as opposed to watching a screen or reading a book. This waylogo they’re able to get immediate feedback so they can improve and to prevent them from practicing the wrong way.

What qualities do you value most in magicians & performers who work for your organization? 

Anyone can twist balloons, but you can’t teach someone to be a good person. That’s what we look for in our performers. Not only are they talented artists in their respective fields, but they’re also kind good spirited individuals who are great with kids and enjoy what they do.

What can SRCC campers expect their kids to get out of a Tricky Business Magic Show and a day of magic & balloon twisting workshops? 

Not only will they have a good time in our Magic show, but they’ll go home with fun and unique skills from our workshops that they can then share with others. Campers will be taught how to twist balloons and perform Magic tricks!

Final fun fact about Magic man, John..

I. Love. Pie. In my spare time I love eating & sampling different types of pie. You name it, I’ve tried it.

Feel free to check out Tricky Business on the web for more information!

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