Spotlight On Staff: TJ Carroll!!


Next up in our ‘Spotlight On Staff’ blogs is Irishman, TJ Carrol!!

Job at Camp

I was a General Counselor for the 6 year old boys in 2016 – GO PARROTS!

Hometown –

I am from Newbridge, which is in County Kildare, Ireland

How many years at camp –

Summer 2015 was my first summer at Southampton.. I am already counting down the days until summer #2!!

When i’m not at Southampton Camp & Club you’ll find me…..

I am currently studying Advertising and Marketing at the Institute of Technology Dublin. A fun fact about me and School: I am yet to set foot in the library! It is working out pretty well so far.  My plan for the future is to own my own event management company.

Why you decided to work at camp

I have always wanted to work at a camp in the US since a young age.  I have worked at and attended camps previously in Ireland, and when the chance arose to work in the Hamptons I couldn’t turn it down.

Most treasured camp memory from last year & why11745829_10153082666113723_4066039427416460490_n

Spirit Days were great this summer! One Spirit Day I was the Blue General
! this meant that I was chosen to lead the blue team (Vs the Yellow) and lead as an example to the campers & staff on my team.  The best part of the day was singing in the dining hall where we stood on the tables. The kids loved it!

Favorite activity at SCC

I have a great passion for Theatre and performing, so the two Camp Shows that I helped with meant a lot. I work in this field at home and it was great to be able to show my passion for this and get the kids ready for their performance.

What you love most about SCC/what is so special about SCC11145083_10206733634955785_7471889872748567634_n

Kids & Staff! Firstly, my kids were fun, energetic and made every da
y worth it.  They were all amazing and we had so much fun together (to be continued in 2016..). We really built up a bond and seeing them develop over the course of the summer was something I hadn’t previously experienced.  Secondly, my colleagues!  Without every one of you SCC wouldn’t be what it is. The staff is just unbelievable and I have made friends for life and they are some of the most talented people I have ever met!

What advise you would give any international staff ‘thinking’ about working at Southampton.

Very simple… DO IT!!! You wont regret it!! It’s one of the greatest places you could spend a summer and again with the most amazing people ever.

See you next summer, TJ!