Spotlight On Staff: Kerry Barrett!


The next installment of ‘Spotlight on Staff’ sees us focus on Kerry Barrett. Read on….

Job at Camp:

General counselor for the Stepping Stones


Sayville, NY (Long Island)

Years at Camp:

Summer of 2016 will be my third year at camp!

When I’m not at Southampton Camp and Club you’ll find me…

When I’m not at Southampton Camp and Club you’ll find me at Providence College, RI, where I am pursuing a degree in Biology with a minor in dance.

Why I decided to work at camp:

I’ve always enjoyed working with kids and had done a lot of volunteer work in the past that involved teaching and playing with kids. When I heard about camp from friends I knew that worked there I could not wait to apply, and have loved going to work every day since.

Most Treasured Memory from Last Year:

Although every day in general is fun at camp, my favorite memory from last year was one especially hot day when myself and a few other counselors filled up water balloons and turned on the sprinklers near the pool. Within minutes it seemed like the entire camp was there involved in a huge water fight with everyone screaming, laughing, being soaked from head to toe by the end.

Favorite Activity at SCC:

My favorite activity is swimming, especially on the days when it is extremely hot out, but a close runner up would have to be cooking because you can’t beat delicious snacks at the end of a long day filled with activities.

What I love most about SCC:11952912_992986424056673_8638542221969414856_o

I’ve worked a variety of other jobs (both working with kids and jobs that did not involve kids) and none come close to how it feels going to SCC everyday. SCC has an atmosphere no other camp has because all the counselors love being there and all the kids have such a good time. It’s hard to find something to not love about going to camp everyday.

What advice you would give any local staff ‘thinking’ about working at Southampton when you think about the pressure to do an internship and/or earn more money?

Working at Southampton is an experience unlike any other. While having more money is a tempting offer and something to consider, an important aspect to keep in mind is what you get out of a job at the end of the day. At SCC you may not make as much money as some other jobs, but I know that I wake up everyday looking forward to going to work and genuinely enjoying what I do; which is a feeling I did not feel as strongly at other jobs. In addition, at the end of every summer you are rewarded with seeing how much your campers have grown in only 8 short weeks, you’ve watched them make friends and you yourself become friends with other counselors from all over the world. Other jobs may pay more but you may not receive the same happiness, satisfaction, and life skill set as one obtained at SCC. To other locals considering joining the staff, I would highly encourage it; you will have a summer you will never forget.


What have you learned from camp and what will you take with you in the future?

Camp has taught me an enormous amount about patience, flexibility, and the importance of teamwork. It has taught me to put others before myself, and how to prioritize, which are all important skill sets I will take with me in the future. In addition, I will take countless memories of summers spent working with friends and forming relations with amazing kids.