SRCC Gives Back

starfish-story-websizeCamp is a place for children to grow, to have fun, and to develop. Camp is a place where we as staff strive to make a difference. Everyone Southampton Racquet Club & Camp imparts lessons in positive values to our campers and staff.

At Southampton Racquet Club & Camp, through our STARFISH program and our Mission to “teach children the skills of making and keeping friends, while building their self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience”, we teach all of our campers and staff how to make a difference everyday. With this in mind, and a desire to help local communities and those less fortunate than ourselves, we would like you to introduce you to our SRCC Gives Back initiative for summer 2015.

Southampton Racquet Club & Camp is proud to work very closely with a number of organizations within the local community, including and not limited to the Southampton Village Volunteer Ambulance Service, both the North Sea & Southampton Volunteer Fire Departments, Tuckahoe Common School District and Flying Point Foundation for Autism as a ‘Thank You’ for all they do. This summer, we will be adding two events to our calendar as we work to help those less fortunate in the wider community.


314821_224700564259809_38690532_nA Helping Hand – is the first addition to SRCC Gives Back.  At SRCC we are encouraging our campers, staff and their families to bring in canned and packaged foods from home for distribution to the Human Resources of the Hamptons.  ‘Bringing hope and a helping hand to those in need, HRH has built a network of support and services’ to the Hamptons.  In turn, HRH distributes the food to needy families in the Southampton and East End area.  The HRH Food Pantry Program feeds over 6,000 people per year, from newborns to the elderly.  With only two(2) paid employees and over 120 volunteer staff, this organization is able to do so much and we are excited to help them service those in need this year and hereafter.  Scheduled for Thursday, August 13th, we encourage each staff member and enrolled camper to contribute a canned or packaged food product for the community by bringing it to camp for a donation.  Should your camper not be enrolled at camp on this date, we would be happy to accept any donations prior to this date.


Mory’s Swim-a-thon –   Project Morry was started in 1995 after death of Morry Stein, who the project is set up in memory of.  Project Morry is now a nationally recognized, youth development organization that empowers youth from at-risk, economically challenged communities to envision a positive future, primarily by sending these youth to experience the magic of summer camp. On  Thursday, July 9th,  our hope is that our campers will give it their all by either swimming or walking laps in our pool.  We will keep track of what our campers accomplish and send home a record of the number of laps our campers swam (or walked for our non-swimmers) and ask our families and staff to donate to the charity.  The funds raised will truly make a difference in the lives of hundreds of children who desperately want to experience what summer camp is all about. Project Morry raised over $250k in summer 2014 alone!

Teaching our campers positive values, and about being charitable is also about teaching empathy and integrity. Together, SRCC Gives Back!

… To that one, we made a difference (The Starfish Story)