The Power of Laughter & Magic…

Magic Show

We had the most amazing time when our good friend David Levitan stopped by! The wonder of magic, silliness of comedy, and interactive nature of David’s magic shows kept our campers in anticipation of what will come next. We could hear many of our campers comment “How’d he do that?” “What’s he going to do next?” “Is this for real?” David is truly sooooooooo unpredictable!

Our camper’s faces lit up as they saw things vanish or change color or appear in their own hand. One could see how animated and excited our campers got when they had a chance to go up and help him with the next slight-of-hand illusion or trick.  David’s unique style weaved its own brand of magic and laughter into an amazing show!

David’s magic is hysterically funny and so far has been a highlight of our summer here at Southampton Racquet Club & Camp. As you can see in the below pictures, we were practically rolling on the ground with laughter – and the show ended with a thunderous applause from everyone.  We enjoyed an outstanding show full of fun and excitement that left our campers wanting more!

Magic Show  Magic Show  Magic Show  Magic Show  Magic Show  Magic Show