To Old or to Young for Camp? Not at Southampton!

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.55.19Think that your son or daughter is too young or to old for camp? Not at Southampton! Read on for information on our great new EnrichAbility Program for children aged 18-36 months, and our Tennis Academy for campers aged 8-16!As the summer fast approaches (73 days to be exact), our Southampton office is abuzz with phone conversations with parents of campers and prospective campers.  From our imaginative and loving Stepping Stones program to our challenging and creative Main Camp program, everyone is excited about summer 2015!  With this in mind, we wanted to introduce and share with you two new programs to Southampton Camp & Club for 2015 for those campers who just fall outside of our 2.5-11 year old range.

Tennis Academy (8-16 years) facilitated by Cliff Drysdale Tennis

  • World Class Tennis Instruction by Internationally and Nationally qualified coaches, instructors & prosTennis1
  • Clinics, Semi-Private Lessons, Fitness, Skill & Technique Development, Tactics, Game Tips and more!
  • 10:30am start (no more early mornings!) with door-to-door Transportation included home in the afternoon!
  • Lunch, snacks, and a swim included!
  • Limited enrollment to maintain excellent instructor-to-camper ratio!
  • Flexible enrollment options: 8-weeks, 6-week, 4-week deals, and individual weeks available, with Transportation.

Our partnership with Cliff Drysdale Tennis will bring the world class, qualified and experienced tennis coaches that staff our tennis Tennis3facility to coach at the tennis academy.  As a Tennis Academy Camper, your child’s program will be tailored specifically for individual campers age and ability level, lessons will be a mix of clinics and semi-private lessons. Skill & technique development, fitness, tactics and game tips will be introduced on a weekly basis and with the aid of games will be reviewed at the end of each session. Emphasis is placed on improvement and enjoying the game. Campers will leave the court feeling like champions after every session.

EnrichAbility (18-36 months) facilitate by EnrichAbility & Shari’s Little Learners

EnrichAbility success, materialshelps your child become comfortable following a school routScreen Shot 2015-04-17 at 12.24.28ine while having fun. Each class has a weekly theme based on a story. Learning takes place through story time, snack time, an art project, music, meeting time and more! Since repetition and consistency are key components to early learning, lessons and routines are constantly being reviewed while new material is being introduced. We believe these 6 “abilities” are key to improving a child’s early academic and social success.

  • LanguageAbility: Increase a child’s receptive and expressive language skills, build vocabulary and increase a child’s ability to ask and answer questions.
  • SocialAbility: Improve a child’s ability to interact and plSLL Logoay with peers. Improve turn-taking skills and listening skills. Increase attention span during structured activities
  • MathAbility: Improve knowledge of age appropriate concepts- numbers, shapes, and colors. Improve matching skills and counting skills.
  • MotorAbility: Increase a child’s exposure to different exploratory textures. Improve fine motor skills through use of various manipulatives (crayons, Pegs, etc). Improve gross motor skills through music and games (jumping, dancing, etc).
  • LiteracyAbility: Enhance a child’s love for story and books. Improve a child’s understanding of a story. Increase a child’s letter recognition skills. Introduce a child to letter sounds.
  • TransitionAbility: Improve a child’s ability to transition from one activity to the next. Begin to transition away from parent or caregiver and increase separation skills.

EnrichAbility will be offered as a Mommy & Me or a separation program once a week on the grounds of Southampton Camp & Club. Please contact Lisa Colwell for more information on 917-208-6076.

To Old or to Young for Camp? Never! Southampton really does have the Perfect Program For Every Camper!