Support Service Staff Position

Our Support Service Staff are a vital part of camp operation, working behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly.

We are looking to fill roles in the following areas:

Food Service

Provide our staff and campers with the energy they need to tackle the day! Food Service Staff actively participates in all aspects of food service at camp by providing a daily staff breakfast and full camp lunches. This includes kitchen set-up, prep, serving, and clean-up.


Keep our grounds secure and maintained for an optimal summer adventure! Our Maintenance & Security Staff will have full access to our entire campgrounds and will be charged with maintaining the area and keep off-limit areas – you guessed it – off-limits.


There is a lot of organization that goes into a summer camp! From answering the phone, taking messages, talking to prospective and current camper’s parents, and assisting programming and media teams, our office staff makes sure the paperwork is taken care of so our campers can fully enjoy their summer.

If you are interested in contributing to the success of our camp and the experience it offers our campers, then apply today!

Apply Here!

Please note: Southampton Camp & Club does not offer staff housing for these positions, meaning you will have to commute to and from camp on a daily basis.